We Have Expertise with the Rotary Kiln.  

Process Labs is an educational consulting company. We
have expertise in the intermediate production stages of
basic materials and solid commodities.

We have decades of experience teaching the physical
and chemical sciences involved in material processing to
students at the industrial and university level.  We teach
both the theoretical aspects of material processing and
teach an associated lab course that allows students to
experience for themselves how to perform industry
standard calculations.

Our classes have been taught at the majority of Fortune
100 industrial companies and at major universities
.  Our
general and customized training programs are relied
upon by companies now facing large-scale retirement of  
boomer generation employees. We introduce the
manufacturing sciences to new hires efficiently and cost

We have a solid understanding of the chemistry
used to process materials and frequently teach
chemistry classes and conduct seminars for
individual companies and trade associations.
Process Laboratories Corporation
202 Church Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-2405

Telephone:  1-740-775-5520
Fax:  1-740-775-5548
Email:  info@processlaboratories.com
Process Laboratories specializes in the
operating standards used with industrial rotary
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